Thoughts and Ideas from Jake

A collection of thoughts and ideas from the life and mind of Jake Rutenbar.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OK...I'll post.

Hey this is for C. Gause

I don't know....why people like Kobe Bryant
I English and Spanish and Russian
I love... making Erin or Luke laugh.
My best friend... is a girl named Erin.
My first real kiss...tasted funny.
I hate it when people...piss me off.
Love before me.
Marriage is...making somebody else's wants and needs your priority.
Somewhere, someone is thinking...I wish Biggie was still alive!
I'll always...suck at blogging
The last time I cried was because...(oh crap, I cry all the time) we left Erin's parents house. It made me sad that Lukey can't see them all the time and we had a great time with them.
My cell not as pimpin' as I'd like it to be.
When I wake up in the morning...I roll onto my stomach and put the pillow over my head
Before I go to sleep at night...kiss Erin
Right now I am thinking about...the unbelievable talent of the Wu Tang Clan (sweet show on VH1)
Babies are...snuggly
Today I...recuperated from driving 7+ hours last night
Tonight I will...go to bed. I just watched House after we held tours at Saddleback SC's new community center.
Tomorrow I will...check out the AIDS day, prep this weekend service, finalize Xmas volunteer party, and ABS/C-Group information before the Xmas break.
I really record a hip hop album.

OK...I'll tag my wife Erin, Courtney Rutenbar, and Randy Craft. I don't know if any of them blog...but I like them all.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Best Breakfast in the World


Del Taco

Macho Bacon and Egg Burrito. Comboed with some fine hashy potatoes slices and a Cherry Coke.

Every other breakfast meal PALES in comparison.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Things On My Mind's what I'm thinking.

1) I think I want a T-Mobile Sidekick 3 so I can instant message with students all the time. Don't really care about email functions...but don't know a lot about phones. If this is dumb, tell me why? Matt...I sense your presence.
2) Grey's show on TV. What? BEST SHOW ON TV! ...Lost...24...Little People, Big World...all great...but not Grey's. I want George and Dr. Burke to come to my birthday party.
3) My brother Kyle and I signed up for Gamefly together. I am currently awaiting the arrival of my first Xbox 360 game from them...Cabela's Alaskan Adventure. I'm seriously stoked to video game hunt!!!
4) I really want that dumb Sidekick
5) Babies are in the air. Leighton Matthew Sarti was born yesterday (congrats Sarti's) and the Griff's 4th is on the way. Erin and I both want another kid and yet don't (all logical reasons listed here).
6) I love listing my thoughts laugh...I feel organized.
7) ABS/C-Groups kick off in a week! YIKES...actually not really. I think we're looking pretty great. 5 homes. 2 junior high. 3 high school. 1 guy and 1 girl leader in each home. It should be cool.
8) Can I blog from my Sidekick?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Luke's Walking

Dude...I miss you all. I just wanted to show you a sweet video of Lukey learning to walk.



Tuesday, September 05, 2006

San Clemente

Dude...erin and i moved to san clemente on Friday. It's been a hectic couple of weeks...but we are moved in and i'm hoping to start posting again more frequently. Thanks for not losing hope in me.

the house is to come soon.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thoughts from Hume Lake

First things first...Erin and 2 of my favorite dudes ever (Brandon and Ryan Wells) had to be home early from camp so we left Hume Lake last night @ 10:09. Almost exactly 300 miles, the first 70 of which are in the windy mountains. Who is the king of the late night road...I am the king of the late night road. The sub-5 hour trek involved a little Erin throw-up, the Wells Boys playing Pac-man on the video screen, a lot of iPod, and 2 Monsters and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos after a sleepy stretch from midnight to 1 a.m. We pull into our house @ 3:15 a.m. only to hear people in the apartment complex across the street in such histerics that we felt it necessary to call 911. I hadn't done that before and was nervous...the phone guy said tons of people had already called. He hung up. Today Erin is gone at soccer training training so I've got the Lukey. I'm camp was this week. Here's some thoughts.

1) Far and away the most vivid memory I take home from camp is seeing multiple nights of students making commitments for Christ. For some reason I was overcome more than usual watching students stay after chapel on different nights during the week. For the most part, none of my students in my cabin made huge decisions this week, but it didn't matter. I was looking at total strangers with youth leaders from other churches and just floored thinking about the impact they were having on teens. I was looking at crying students who have experienced so much hurt at such a young age and yet I was able to see their minds processing just how real Christ's forgiveness and grace is. Life change in others is so powerful. I get jaded by so much in Church World...God, please don't let me ever see enough students making commitments.

2) Erin and Lukey got to come to camp. It was so fun to get to hang with the fam at meals and just around the camp. My kid is so big...he was like a big kid camper person. He had Erin and I very impressed.

Ok...that's all I got right now...I'm kinda sweaty and tired and Luke's asleep...better take advantage and rest.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Big Day!

Today is Lukey's B-Day! He is my son by the way! He is 1 today! I'm so excited that I will only be using exclamation points!!!


p.s. once I learn how to put in pictures I will add some of Luke! (I know McGill...I'm a rookie!)

p.s.s. I got it!

Video Editing

From time to time people will look at a video that somebody has edited and say "That was awesome! I wish I could do that." or "You must have had so much fun doing that?" These people have no idea what they are saying. It is less ridiculous to walk up to a person cleaning animal feces at the zoo and say you'd love to help.

Why Jake? Here's why.

1) Video, as I would assume with all art, will NEVER look as good in the end as it did in your head when it started.
2) A project will ALWAYS take longer than you plan. Even if you plan for more will take that much longer.
3) Editing a video can only be compared to chiseling a fine sculpture...which I'm never done...but because I'm making the comparison...most TEDIOUS task ever.
4) Once you make'll always want to make more. (NO! i can see your romantic brain working right now thinking..."well that's great, the creative process will never be finished!" This is the words of a fool. Torture is the only word that should come to mind.)

By the way...i'm writing this because the computer i'm editing on has crashed 3 times in the last hour and I was a little pissed. OK...i've restarted.

this video will be sweet.